The path to your Inner Champion is here!

Create a life of Power, Passion and Purpose!

Mind of a Champion Online Home Study Course

8 Weeks to Creating a Life of Power, Passion and Purpose!

Working with life-leadership coach, Chris Natzke in this dynamic course of self-discovery, you'll receive answers to the following questions:

  • How can I use the Mind of a Champion principles to get really clear on my life purpose and vision?
  • What are effective strategies and tools to help me overcome the obstacles that always seem to get me off course?
  • How I can maximize my gifts and talents, so I can serve at the highest level possible?
  • How can I truly get clear on what is important to me, so I can make the most of my time, energy and focus?
  • How can I develop a plan of action, so I can live my dreams not only in the upcoming year, but in years to come?

In this course, I will guide participants through an in-depth journey of self-mastery through powerful weekly lessons, to help them gain clear direction for their life purpose, utilize proven tools to overcome obstacles, take action on their championship plan, and much, much more by accessing their own Inner Champion.

In using the martial arts belt ranking system as a guiding metaphor, we will actively examine my 7 Qualities of Black Belt Leadership in each area of your life.  During our time together, we will explore the following:

  • Session One“White Belt” – Creating a Purposeful Vision for Your Life
    • How to experience clarity of your unique purpose and vision so they may powerfully guide your life
  • Session Two“Yellow Belt” – Being the Change you Wish to See
    • How to discover the power of BEing the person you want to become in the future - NOW
  • Session Three“Orange Belt” – Personal Integrity
    • How to get clear on your empowering beliefs, priorities and actions by being true to yourself and others
  • Session Four“Green Belt” – Conscious Persistence
    • How to utilize proven and practical tools for success for overcoming obstacles, distractions and self-sabotage when they arise
  • Session Five“Blue Belt” – Compassionate Service
    • Find your own personal answers for the questions: Where will you go? What will you do? And whom shall you serve?
  • Session Six“Brown Belt” – Acceptance & Surrender
    • Discover what you are holding onto and what you can let go of, so you can be your most empowered Self
  • Session Seven“Red Belt” – Inspired Action
    • Learn to move out of your comfort zones by taking the direct, focused and empowered action to make your dreams come true
  • Session Eight“Black Belt” – Living a Life of Self Mastery
    • Learn to powerfully integrating these principles to become a “Black Belt” in your Life not only today, but for the rest of your life

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There is a vision you have for your life that it is finally time to have come to fruition.  Now, is the time to finally experience the breakthrough(s) in your life you deserve in 2019 and beyond. Commit to YOU by taking action NOW!



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Chris Natzke is a 7th Degree Black Belt and former United States National Taekwondo Champion.  In sharing his “Mind of a Champion” principles as a martial arts master instructor, keynote speaker, life-leadership coach and author of his book Black Belt Leadership, he has impacted the lives of thousands across the country with his message of hope, inspiration and personal empowerment.  To learn more about Chris and his keynote speaking and life-leadership coaching programs, contact him at .


"While working with Chris, I was hired for a position that has proven to he lucrative, professionally satisfying, and has the potential for incredible growth. If I had not been working with Chris, I would not have had the courage or confidence to pursue the career opportunity. "

Meg Reynolds
Mind of a Champion Coaching Client

"Chris is an impressive amalgam of compassion, wisdom, excellence, reliability, and insight. His optimism is contagious: after speaking with Chris, you are confident that your obstacles can be overcome and your goals brought to fruition. "

Dale Wetmore
Mind of a Champion Coaching Client

"He was instrumental in understanding my specific needs and identifying outside resources/materials to accelerate my progress. I have been blessed to work with Chris Natzke in his Black Belt Leadership Coaching program and look forward to building on my experience! "

Salman Adil
Mind of a Champion Coaching Client

"Chris possesses such great wisdom and integrity along with patient guidance, while really challenging me. He is a strong-hearted and wise leader, who walks beside me on the journey and I am forever grateful. I am lucky and so is anyone else who walks with him."

Rich Crum
Mind of a Champion Coaching Client

"Chris Natzke’s Black Belt Leadership life coaching program has changed my life. It’s like diving into a pool and realizing you know how to swim. Nothing is the same. There’s no going back."

Terry Harmel
Mind of a Champion Coaching Client

"I would highly recommend anyone to work with Chris whether you’re overcoming obstacles or breaking through to a new level of success in your life (perhaps both). Whenever I feel uncomfortable in a situation, I think of Chris and it’s almost like he is standing behind me, supporting me yet not letting me go backwards or withdrawing back into my comfort and nudges ever so slightly to move me forward in the direction of my dreams, which begin to come true just on the other side of my comfort zone. "

Amber Schoenrock
Mind of a Champion Coaching Client

"I highly recommend that you be a part this event. I have personally been working with Master (Chris) Natzke for several months now and I have seen and personally experienced great improvements in both my business life as well as my personal life. I have worked with (him) in the development of my Business Management, Business Marketing, as well as Time Management and Life Development. My personal opinion is that Master (Chris) Natzke is worth his weight in GOLD. And I guarantee that you will not be disappointed with his programs... Thank you Master Natzke!!!"

Troy Clayton
Mind of a Champion Coaching Client

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