Will 2019 Be YOUR Year?

With a little bit of visioning and strategy, you can have EVERYTHING you want!

90-Minute Strategic Visioning Session

Creating a Powerful 2019 and Beyond

Working with life-leadership coach, Chris Natzke, here's what you'll receive:

  • Review your 2018 (what worked/what didn't) 
  • Understand lessons learned
  • Identify Areas of Breakthrough
  • Develop a Strategic Vision for 2019 
  • Set Clear 1st Quarter Intentions and Goals
  • And much, much more........

During this 90-minute "Mind of a Champion" Strategic Visioning Session you will walk away with clarity and a powerfully set strategy for success in 2019 and beyond.  


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Investment: $497. Limited time offer: $297 until January 15, 2019.

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The first 10 people enrolling in this offer will receive a complimentary, signed copy of Chris's book, Black Belt Leadership!










Chris Natzke is a 7th Degree Black Belt and former United States National Taekwondo Champion.  In sharing his “Mind of a Champion” principles as a martial arts master instructor, keynote speaker, life-leadership coach and author of his book Black Belt Leadership, he has impacted the lives of thousands across the country with his message of hope, inspiration and personal empowerment.  To learn more about Chris and his keynote speaking and life-leadership coaching programs, contact him at www.ChrisNatzke.com .


"While working with Chris, I was hired for a position that has proven to he lucrative, professionally satisfying, and has the potential for incredible growth. If I had not been working with Chris, I would not have had the courage or confidence to pursue the career opportunity. "

Meg Reynolds
Mind of a Champion Coaching Client

"Chris is an impressive amalgam of compassion, wisdom, excellence, reliability, and insight. His optimism is contagious: after speaking with Chris, you are confident that your obstacles can be overcome and your goals brought to fruition. "

Dale Wetmoroe
Mind of a Champion Coaching Client

"He was instrumental in understanding my specific needs and identifying outside resources/materials to accelerate my progress. I have been blessed to work with Chris Natzke in his Black Belt Leadership Coaching program and look forward to building on my experience! "

Salman Adil
Mind of a Champion Coaching Client

"Chris possesses such great wisdom and integrity along with patient guidance, while really challenging me. He is a strong-hearted and wise leader, who walks beside me on the journey and I am forever grateful. I am lucky and so is anyone else who walks with him."

Rich Crum
Mind of a Champion Coaching Client

"Chris Natzke’s Black Belt Leadership life coaching program has changed my life. It’s like diving into a pool and realizing you know how to swim. Nothing is the same. There’s no going back."

Terry Harmel
Mind of a Champion Coaching Client

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