"Discover Your Breakthrough You" Board Breaking Experience

 In this high-energy, interactive workshop, participants are taken on a step-by-step journey in realizing their authentic power through the metaphor of breaking a board (martial arts style). Through this process, team members experience the exhilaration of breaking through the barriers that are holding them back and the power of taking “100% responsibility” for what they create in their personal and professional lives by discovering their own “Breakthrough You”.


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Personal Breakthroughs

Identify Personal Breakthroughs

Move Beyond Limiting Beliefs

Discover Your Personal Power


Identify & Establish Company Goals

Crystalize Your Team Vision

Establish Team Goals

Transcend Professional Obstacles

Create & Strengthen Team Unity

Build Community 

Improve Connection Among Team Members

Create Environment of Support and Collaboration 

What Clients are Saying


"We brought in Chris to work with our team, knowing that he is a great speaker and coach. What we didn't know was what a great experience our team would have with Chris' board breaking seminar. Chris's energy and ability to inspire and create an open environment is what my company needed, and what most will. My team still talks about breaking that board and the lessons they learned. I really wish all businesses got to experience such moments. It really brought us together. We will do it again!"

Rich Crum
CEO, Veil Sun, Inc.

"Chris’ Board-Breaking experience was truly inspirational! Though it seemed impossible and I had no plan whatsoever, I wrote down the words, “own a home in Costa Rica” on my board and Chris led me in the powerful action of breaking through the wood plank. The seminar was the catalyst for my husband and I to realize our dream and less than 6 months later, we are closing on our home in Costa Rica! "

Charity Wilkins
Financial & Legal Director, McGhee Productivity Solutions

"The board breaking presentation created a truly unforgettable experience for the Unlocking Team! The event brought together people from all over the country many of which were gathering for the first time and Chris expertly and effortlessly created a safe and inspirational environment that helped our team unify in way that was transformational. I highly recommend Chris Natzke and the Black Belt Leadership program to any team looking to go beyond and BREAKTHROUGH! "

Matt Gaurino
Founder/CEO Unlocking Equity

"It was such a phenomenal experience! Each of our members broke through a of their fears and blocks. Personally, it was an incredibly impactful experience, I didn’t know I had it in me."

Kelly Anne Zielinski
Founder/CEO Self Leadership Global

"Yes, I broke the board. But it was much more than that. By following Chris’s lead, I found my strength and so did every person in the room. My success was not solitary. My journey, my failures, and ultimately the success I achieved by following Chris’s lead, had a profound impact on everyone. Many of my fellow participants over the next three days of the conference chose to relate to me their own inspiration gained by sharing in my experience. "

Candy Zulkosky
Founder, WritingBytes.com

"Chris is a dynamic speaker and has this incredible ability to talk and relate with anyone. His Discover Your Breakthrough You workshop was very impactful for our team. Not only did this workshop help our team members individually, it created a sense of vulnerability and empathy that is needed to really bring a team closer together. I highly recommend Chris for any company that wants to create a culture of connection!"

Sam Johnson
President, Pet Scoop, Inc.

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